• Client: Undisclosed
  • Location: Canada


  • Concept Development + Refinement
  • Technical, Lighting + Audio Design
  • Software and Interactive Design
  • Technical Development
  • Content Management
  • Installation Supervision
  • Ongoing Upgrades + Extensions

One of the cornerstone celebrations in honour of Canada’s 150th anniversary, SESQUI brought together technical innovation and art in a multi-faceted celebration of Canada’s heritage, landscape and people. Thinkwell Studio Montréal was proud to have been a part of SESQUI’s 360 Technical Innovation Team, providing custom equipment, expertise and support for their 360° film, HORIZON. The film was shown in planetariums throughout the country, as well as across Ontario in an inflatable dome theatre in Summer 2017.

The team also provided expertise in the design phase of the 360° cinematic dome as well as support for the filming of HORIZON by designing, testing and constructing two separate camera rigs along with the help of our fellow collaborators, without which the end result would not have been possible. The project required that the rigs be lightweight enough to be mounted to a variety of vehicles for land and aerial shots, yet durable enough to withstand extreme climates. The rigs were used to shoot footage from ninety different locations across all thirteen provinces and territories.

Thank you to the following collaborators: Alexandre Burton (design of the SLR camera rig); Francois David: (design of video filming rig); Guy St-Amour (SESQUI technical designer and dome producer)

This project was completed prior to Thinkwell’s acquisition of Réalisations-Montréal in 2019. Réalisations-Montréal is now Thinkwell Studio Montréal.