Oak Point Park

  • Client: Undisclosed
  • Location: Plano, Texas


  • Concept Development + Refinement
  • Design + Development
  • Content Management
  • Installation Supervision
  • Ongoing Upgrades + Extensions

Thinkwell Studio Montréal designed a one-of-a-kind interactive exhibit, designed to mimic a giant oak tree, that combines both nature and technology for park guests to learn about Oak Point Park and the related natural and scientific content.

The project combines elements of wayfinding with interactive technologies to create engaging content experiences for two dozen scientific themes that will serve a varied demographic of guests. These themes and scientific elements from the park are integrated into an interactive table that serves as the focal point of the experience. An aerial map of the park is projected from above onto the table’s 3D surface, and there are five items atop the table, made up of rocks and other materials from the park, which serve as 3D triggers for the scientific content.

The end-result is an engaging experience that educates visitors while also creating a connection between the visitors and the park’s natural surroundings.


This project was completed prior to Thinkwell’s acquisition of Réalisations-Montréal in 2019.  Réalisations-Montréal is now Thinkwell Studio Montréal.